Is There a Difference in Audio Equipment for your home

If durable audio high quality in your car is exactly what you’re after, then we enjoy to provide you this 4-channel AMP designed for those desiring thunder performance from their car audio tools.This well developed auto sound amplifier offers additional power to the speakers in your car audio system to assist create the audio quality any kind of real audiophile needs.

The price and also requirements on this version will impress you with high end audio. Just how are we able to provide you such a lot? Merely by offering you a direct from supplier cost. And with our no M.O.Q. policy and also decline shipping direct to your door, we make it simple for you to buy it now to upgrade your ride next weekend.China Supplier Specifications Main Function: Car Stereo Power Amplifier Stations: 4/ 3/ 2 Stations RMS Power Standard: 4 x 40 watts RMS Power (4 ohm): 4 x 60 watts SNR(Signal to Sound Ratio ): > 95dB Stereo Splitting up @ 1 Khz: > 62dB T.H.D:


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